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The End of 2019

The end of a year is becoming a deeply favorite time of mine.

Honestly, I was going to type a large dialogue about whats happened this year and how great its all been and all the wonderful experiences I've had.

But, I don't want to.

I want to quickly admire 2019 for the growth and change I've seen. I want it to light a fire in me that propels me forward into 2020.

These last few weeks I've been immersed in this idea of becoming. Not just changing into someone different but really becoming who we are divinely intended to be. If the idea was just to change we would simply react to the ever-constant flux of circumstance and events in our lives. We would simply be reactionary beings and our eventual state of being, where we end at, would be only based on the events that happened to us. Life would happen to us and we would passively respond.

How dull.

And how every, very sad.

I truly believe that life is not happening 'to' us . . . it's happening 'for' us.

But more than that, our only option in life isn't just to react to events but we can go forward and drive our lives in the direction we want. We can create the events we want to have happen. Sure, its work but, gosh, it's so much better than just waiting around for stuff to happen (and having your fingers crossed that its good). And plenty of stuff will 'just happen'. We know full well we can't control it all . . .

. . . but we sure as heck are in control of ourselves.

So, becoming . . .

I listened to a fabulous physiotherapist recently who talked about becoming not just better but the best version of yourself. It would certainly change your life for the better. And then your families life, your friends, your community . . . goodness just keeps going. Working towards the very best in ourselves, having that as our goal, has far-reaching ramifications,

What if I strived for my highest level of good? And then every action, everything I did was in line with my highest level of good?

Wouldnt that be beautiful?

What's she even like? Who is she?

I have some ideas . . . and I'm really excited to meet her.

New years always mean new resolutions, which I love.

Normally I keep my resolutions quiet because they are often quite personal and spiritual.

But I want at least one 2020 resolution to be different.

I want to make one to you, whoever you are, where ever you are, and no matter if we ever meet.

I want to promise you that I will strive for my highest good.

I will change my actions and choices so that I'm kept on the road that's leading to this ultimate goodness.

Yeah, we all know I'll fall short and mess up a bit, but I also promise I'll keep trying.

I hope you start 2020 knowing that out in the world there's a woman trying to reach the highest level of good that she's capable of. That there's a woman out there who's reaching beyond who she currently is to something greater, kinder, and wiser . . .

And I hope you know she's not the only one.

. . .

. . .

. . .

I always sign off with 'Love, Melinda'. That's never been a passive statement for me. I truly mean that whoever you are, Reader, that you feel my love whether it be for what I do, who I talked about, or just love and gratitude that I feel for you . . . because you took the time to read words typed onto a computer screen.

The love I feel is real . . . it always has been.



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