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The Power of a Portrait- Jessica's Story

This was not what I anticipated sharing today. But sometimes we have to put aside what we have planned because we have to share something important.

I'm sharing a very personal post that the beautiful Jessica wrote. I was so touched and so honored that her pictures have helped her see the strong, powerful, victorious woman she has fought so hard to become.

This is the power of a portrait.

This means something.

This can change the way you see yourself.

"I lie. I lie to the ones I love the most, I lie to the ones I know I don’t need to lie to, I lie to the ones who just want to help me. I don’t lie out of selfish intentions. I lie because Im scared I don’t meet the expectations of those I care about most. I lie because it’s always easier believing the lie than the truth. I lie to protect myself or that’s what I thought I was doing.

Lately theirs just been change, I want to embrace every aspect of my crazy life. I want to be able to share my story with hundreds of Females because I want them to know whatever you went through and is still going through you can get through it. I’m learning every day about acceptance, the process of healing, the process of letting go, and the process of forgiveness. A lot of people don’t know I grew up in foster care with my five younger siblings, and I feel like if anyone who knows me should really know me. Foster care for me was my down fall enduring mentally, physically and emotional abuse and having to stay strong all at once for my younger siblings was something that didn’t come easy but it was done.

Throughout years I’ve battled depression and still to this day do, but I know theres a bigger plan that god has for me and I’m trusting his timing even if it isn’t mine.

I look at the picture attached at the bottom and think. “ wow.. after everything you still carry on with life with grace, you still carry on hoping for better days and wow somehow this world didn’t take your shine, nor your spirit away” Today I am applauding myself and every female who has over come and continues to overcome every obstacle thrown their way."

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