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Tina- A Woman Unleashed

What if you did something just for you?  Not for anyone else.  Not because it was something you had to do . . . but something you wanted to do?  What if you stopped hiding behind body image issues, other people's expectations, or past beliefs about yourself?  What if you could see yourself as beautiful? 

This is Tina, a headstrong woman if I've ever met one.

Talking with Tina was easy because Tina knows what Tina wants and she's real about it.  There's no waffling and no pussy-footing around. When you grow up as the daughter of a WWII Veteran and Pearl Harbor survivor, clear decision making is second nature. Tina was so willing to share very personal bits of her past with me. She told me of heartache and loss and sadness . . . and what it feels like to be completely alone yet solely depended on. But she also told me of grand adventures (just go ask her about her trip to the Galápagos Islands) and once in a lifetime experiences.

This experience for Tina was years in the making. For her, it wasn't just about wearing pretty clothes. "I think this process will be healing, in its way," Tina told me.

Tina had two words as her photoshoot approached 'Survivor' and 'Unleashed'. A full of grit and determination survivor who walked away when it wasn't easy and started when it wasn't ideal. A survivor who looked challenges and pain dead on and kept going. An unleashed woman walking . . . running towards everything she wanted, deserved and worked for. An unleashed businesswoman, wife, and sophisticated adventurer working hard to find her true power. "I have fire," Tina said. "Find it because I can't get past my exterior. Weird, because I don't know you but I see your ability in your work to find the inner. Hang on to your knickers, you have no idea the tide this could be."

I knew the moment Tina showed up for her fitting session wearing green mascara (to celebrate Cinco de Mayo, of course), red toenails, and a suitcase full of clothes that this was going to be something special. I was right. On Tina's photoshoot day we laughed and joked and shared stories of times past. Tina told Amanda and me of adventures to places we'd never been and described food we'd never eaten. Oh, the conversations of food!

I must tell you, even though Tina was worried and had some concerns she showed up! This woman knocked it out of the park! She was brave and funny and beautiful.  She was a fierce, unleashed survivor of a human. She was everything. Here is a woman of stubborn power who doesn't give up. This woman is truly beautiful.

Tina, learning from you and all you shared has brought me so much joy. I have heartfelt gratitude that you trusted me enough to see your fire and beauty and strength and show it back to you.

It was an honor.

Love, Melinda

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