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Vickie to Alicia- A Letter To My Daughter

~Vickie to Alicia~ A letter to my daughter:

Beautiful Alicia

“Your dad and I want you to know you are a responsible, consistent, loving mother, and the best daughter.

Your dad and I love you as you are. You are beautiful inside and out.

Your life and successes and failures along with friends and relationships have made you strong in character.

… You do not let others define you.

You don’t falter on principals that you stand and live for.

I admire your strength and integrity.

Alicia and Olivia- mother and daughter.

I know Olivia has a strong mama that going to lead and guide her into becoming a great women and that’s not an easy task. But you do it well and with great love.

I commend you.

Olivia is very lucky to be your daughter as well as I I'm to have you as mine.”

This beautiful note from a mother to her daughter brings joy to my heart and a smile to my face. These connections, these ties, love like this is beautiful beyond words. Thank you for sharing such beautiful and real emotions about your wonderful daughter, Vickie. Y O U have an incredible legacy.

Love, Melinda

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