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Way Back When . . .

A throwback from way back with some style changes.

Cheyenne was one of my first clients.

I remember listening to her talk about her goals for her shoot, how she wanted to see herself, and what she wanted to create.

I was intimidated.

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I had never undertaken something so personal and artistic.

But I wanted this to work! Gosh, how I wanted this to work. Cheyenne was gracious and hopeful and enthusiastic! She was rich with heritage and humor.

I wanted her to see all of that.

Thankfully, I think she did, despite my inexperience, despite my own internal hesitations.

Cheyenne grew me as an artist and image maker.

And that’s exactly what you all do- you grow and change me.

I’m never the same after I create for you.

Thank you for that.

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