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What Catherine Felt

Too often I feel that my own words lack the true emotion, gratitude, and joy that comes from the experiences I get to share with the women I photograph. I love when my clients, my friends, write out how their experience felt. What they felt, how they grew, why they loved it- all of that means everything. Catherine wrote this after her ordering appointment.

"I was given a gift today.       I  had the viewing of the pictures from my first professional photo shoot with Melinda Fox of Fox Photography.  Nervous with anticipation (and a bit of fear),  I sat next to Melinda and watched the slide show she created for me ~ ~   then... a couple photos in:  BAM!!!  My breath was taken away and tears filled my eyes.  Photo after photo, all of this natural beauty and true happiness I was seeing was actually ME.  Yes.  I straight up ugly cried ~ seeing for the first time what those that Love me see.        My gosh.        THAT was actually ME!! 

      By the time we were finished I felt a release in my chest as all the harsh hateful words my ex husband used to throw at me melted away.  They were all lies!!   I now feel a freedom to be me ~ to love myself as a perfect child of God and to clearly see who *I AM*!!! 

     Getting rid of self judgement & criticisms from years of verbal abuse IS  a huge thing for anyone.  To ignore the ideals of what our media  claims  beauty to be is also huge for many women.  For me, that was the easy part.   I've never conformed to such media based society standards anyway.   It was that daily abuse that had beat my self esteem in to the pits.  But with years of soul-work and now this experience, I can say loud & clear;  NOT ANY MORE!!   

     Embraced, Encouraged and Loved by  many friends like Bethany and Melinda has given me back so much of myself, I can't even express all of the gratitude I'm feeling. 

     This experience though from the pampering and support the day of the shoot till today's  reveal has been surreal.   I AM forever Grateful.   I wish for all women to feel such awe, inspiration and love for who they are.   

I obviously can not wait to get my hands on these photos so I can share them.  I  can only hope that my experience can help others....  to know and love who you are."

My time spent with this joyous woman has been beautiful, full of laughs and the warmest connection. This is the power of a portrait. It truly can change the way you see yourself. Love, Melinda

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