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What Hollie Says

This experience speaks a little differently to each person. Everyone comes in with what they are hoping for. We talk about how they want to be photographed and how they want to be seen. Every person's answer varies. It's personal.

Hollie wanted to celebrate, to be seen as happy, beautiful, and to be with the ones she loves most- her husband and children.

Photographing Hollie was a joyful and laugh-inducing time. It was also contemplative and quiet as we listened to Hollie share her experiences.

My goal for every person who walks through my door, my goal for you, is that you feel valuable, special, heard, and seen.

My goal is for you to feel similar to how Hollie felt:


I don't know if there's another person on this planet who sees people like you do. Your gift is the ability to see people the way they were meant to be seen, and then sharing it with the world.

From our very first meeting, I felt like you were so present and that you understood everything about me. You made me so comfortable to be myself that I could have talked to you for hours.

Photo shoot day was like a dream! Not only did I get to be pampered with hair and make-up, but I also got to spend time with you--an incredibly brilliant photographer and human being. You made me feel beautiful the entire time, and you captured this very specific moment in time that I want to hold on to. 

You are a gift. You are a gift to all of us who come through your studio and are made to feel beautiful and worthy. You are absolutely doing the work you were meant to do.

Thank you feels like so little for what you have done, but I do thank you for one of my very favorite days of my life. 

Much love and gratitude to you.


It was an honor and a delight.

Love, Melinda

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