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Updated: Mar 6, 2019

This isn't your average photoshoot. There is no quick shortcuts, no putting people into a generic box. There is connection, time, love, service, and dedication to every single person I photograph. You are unique. You are valuable. You are important. And we treat you as such. I believe in old school service that gives you a connection to me. I want to give you the best photographic service I possibly can. It all starts with a phone call, a consultation, and a good deal of questions because I want to know how you want to be photographed. I want to know how you dream of being photographed. I want to know what you want to wear, how you want your makeup, how you'd like your hair styled, and what your favorite colors are.

One of my amazing stylists/makeup artist, Lindsay, doing her magic.

In short, I want to know you because I want to tell your story. Once we have your consultation and we plan your incredible day you come in for your fitting session. This is where you come into the studio and we try on as many clothes from the studio wardrobe and your own wardrobe as you'd like. I want you to love what you wear! I want you to be excited about all the things you're going to be photographed in.

Beautiful gold brocade dress that hangs in the studio wardrobe.

Lace top, white crop top, white skirt, gold skirt, and floral sash- all in the studio wardrobe.

Stunning black dress, at home in the studio wardrobe.

One of my personal favorites, a black, sparkly wrap dress with the bold gold and pearl necklace - in the studio wardrobe.

One of the biggest worries my clients have is that they don't have anything to wear or they don't know what to wear. I can say with confidence that I could dress you for days without repeating an outfit and you would look like a model. Once you've had your fitting session and your outfits are read then the day of your photoshoot arrives and my stylists do what they do best.

They are trained. They are ready. They care about you- what more could you want from stylists and makeup artists.

Once you have your hair and makeup looking just how you want its time for you to be photographed. This is usually the part that makes most people the most nervous. "I know dont how to move." "Where do I put my hands?" "I don't look good in pictures." "Don't let me have a double chin." "My smile always looks fake and I hate it." I've heard it all my friends. I know how scary it is to be in front of the camera. I've been there. But don't you worry- I guide you through the whole thing.

Look at how stunning Emmi looks. Styled beautiful, looking confidant, and her pictures are magnificent.

I will pose you from the top of your head to your fingertips to your feet. I will make sure that you look your best. I want to take pictures of you that you love! I will have you mirror me, I will place hands, move chins, make terrible jokes, and remind you to breathe the whole time.

Even then you're getting touchups I'm prepping you on what we'll be doing next.

I'm in this with you. You don't have to know how to pose yourself because that's my job and I'm good at what I do. Once your pictures have been taken and you've spent several hours being pampered and reminded that you are beautiful we say goodbye but only for a short time. Once your pictures are done I'll contact you and you'll come back for your ordering appointment where we sit down and look at your images together. Then you choose what you love.

Look at those freckles- and yes, she LOVED this portrait!

My goal is to give you an incredible experience where you are pampered, taken care of, and leave remembering that you are worth being photographed. When you see your pictures I want you to remember how incredibly beautiful you are! I want you to see yourself, maybe for the first time, as glorious, incredible, and magnificent. That's the power of a portrait. That's the power of what we do. Love, Melinda

Studio in Athens PA.

Serving Athens Pennsylvania, Towanda Pennsylvania, Corning New York, and Twin Tiers area.

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