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6 Ways To Be A Garbage Artist

There are more blogs, Twitter threads, Instagram reels, Facebook posts, and best-selling books that teach you tips and tricks about being an artist than I'd like to take the time to count.

Everyone has some favorite tool or genius strategy that is sure to make you a better artist if you follow it. I've used several of these tools and they have changed my life.

The difficulty with having everything at our fingertips is that it's ALL there.

This is made even more difficult when everyone says their tragedy is the best, most effective, guaranteed to make you the best artist ever, or your money back (in 3-6 business months).

It's overwhelming if you're a creative.

The truth is, there are a lot of things great artists do to make them great. Some practices work for some and not for others. It's on you to decide what you should put into practice to become the best you can be.

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While there is a good deal of information about becoming a good artist there is (thankfully?) less about becoming a truly horrible artist.

Sometimes it's helpful to know what NOT to do and just do the opposite.

And that's where this reoccurring blog post comes in.

If you want to become a truly wretched artist, and miserable human being, follow these rules to the letter and you'll be there in no time!

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Care about what everyone else thinks

Create only to get the reaction of others. If you desire popularity, keep on-trend. If you desire controversy, be offensive. No matter what you choose don't create with integrity. Instead, create with the goal of external reaction.

•Stay on trend

Being different is dangerous. It makes you more noticeable which makes you an easy target. Keeping on trend protects your delicate ego while also signaling to others that you behave, act, and create just like them. This makes you an acceptable social ally.

•Belive that everything has to be 100% original

Spend hours trying not to be inspired by others all the while striving to grow. Throw out ideas born when studying another artist. You are brilliant enough to create something never before created during the whole of human existence. Only a true artist creates 100% original work.

•Belive all 'art' is good art

If someone created it and labeled it as art it must be universally revered as good, beautiful, and brave. If any art is questioned the person doing the questioning is unenlightened and dim therefore making their commentary pointless. As an artist, it is your job to praise all creative endeavors without question.

•Vilify people who don't agree with you

Those who dare disagree with your views or creations are heartless. They are not your friends and you should not listen to anything they say. Seeking to understand their perspective will only broaden your perspective, therefore, making you more like them. It would also break several of the above-mentioned rules.

•Stay a victim

Every artist has faced tragedy, trauma, and even abuse. You must hold onto that negative power and allow it to become the center point of your story. As you live your life as a marginalized victim you endow yourself with the power to cancel others, cry on cue, and demand attention. Staying a victim gives you the ultimate trump (sorry for the triggering word) card. You will win every conversation and your art will always be the most tragic.

If you follow these rules on how to be a horrible artist I know you'll succeed in no time.

Quite honestly, I hope you fail at every one of these.

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Love, Melinda

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