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Meet Amy! She's my trainer at Journey 333. She's also one of only a few friends (also trainers at Journey 333) who constantly causes me pain that inevitably leads to me being stronger. Amy is the Director of Success at Journey in Sayre. I feel like in order to talk about how incredible Amy is I have to talk about what she's done for me.

I'm incredibly thankful for Amy's patience. She sat through me testing out a new lighting style/technique. I'm so glad she did!!

Few things about me, I have constant, chronic sciatica nerve pain. It sucks. Before I met Amy and started going to Journey the pain would wake me up at night.

I couldn't get a full nights sleep. It was devastating. I also felt tired and weak. I felt like there is no way that I should this weak in my body. I'm 27 years old. How does is it that I feel like I live in the body of a 78 year old? Now, I don't like not being able to do things. I'm a text book teacher pleaser. Not being able to do something that I'm instructed to do feels like an emotional slap in the face. It makes me embarrassed. I feel shameful. I feel less then. I feel stupid. My biggest fear before meeting Amy and going to Journey 333 was that I would be the odd one out. I would be seen as weak, lazy, incompetent, and these incredible trainers would think I wasn't trying . . . and they would give up on me. Those thoughts nearly gutted me and almost kept me from going. Thankful, I'm also a little brave and I showed up. I met Amy and I sweated through my first class. I couldn't do push-ups (still struggle). I couldn't do a burpee. My arm strength, or lack there of, embarrassed me. And it was exhausting. But you know what? I never felt shamed. I felt accepted and encouraged. I felt, and feel EVERY SINGLE TIME, that Amy wants me there. She's happy when I show up. I felt stronger. Sore, but stronger. I felt victorious because Amy treated me as someone who could do stuff. Maybe I couldn't do the exercise the exact way it was demonstrated . . . no worries, Amy has a modification. Maybe I ran slow . . . Amy cheered me on anyway. Working out is hard for me. I, like the majority of people, struggle with feeling motivated. I get discouraged when I dont feel like I'm making the progress I want to. And I've talked to Amy about all of this and more. She's a constant source of knowledge and enthusiasm and encouragement. Some of my proudest Journey 333 moments are when I'm lifting a weight and Amy looks at me and then puts a bigger weight in front of me and waits. She's a pusher. She sees me and she sees what I can do, even when I can't see it for myself. Thats someone you want in your corner.

I can't even tell ya'll how strong Amy is. Her level of strength and dedication inspires me.

Truly, it was an honor to sneak 15 minutes to photograph Amy after an interview. This woman is gold! She is beautiful. She is funny! She is caring. You want to change your body mentally and physically? Go see her. Go to Journey 333. Have a chat. Amy cares and it changes you. It's changed me. Love, Melinda

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