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Our scars are proof. Proof of what we went through.

Proof that we have lived. Proof that we are still here. Proof that we are stronger than what we've been through. Some scars are hidden. They sit quietly behind clothes or on the inside of our mind, only visible when we're willing to share them and our story. Other scars are out in the open. They act as an invitation for every person, every stranger, to ask about the story. When you meet Ben a few things hit you first: He's tall. W A Y tall. He's handsome. And he also has a large white scar that runs down his upper lip.

Ben was born with a cleft lip, a condition where the tissue that forms the lip doesn't join completely before the baby is born.

Goodness, Ben was a remarkably cute baby!

Thankfully, Ben was able to have it repaired by an incredible plastic surgeon when he was 4 months old. While he's perfectly fine now, Ben has been left with a visible scar.

And what a handsome man he has become.

"I struggle seeing it from time to time, because, let's be real, it is a big white scar in the middle of my face. (...) I have learned to grow with it as it grew with me. Of course I struggled. It’s clear when it’s noticed and someone looks at it, but I have been able cope with age."

When I photographed Ben I knew his scar would be a key factor. He would notice it differently than he would if he were looking in a mirror. It was going to be different for him. I wanted Ben's pictures to be as captivating and intriguing as he is.

"Seeing my scar in that detail was shocking I won’t lie. (...) I have noticed that my scar looks like it’s tearing and it scares me, although I’m not too worried because I know that I’ll know when it needs to be repaired again. I was pleasantly surprised that I didn’t immediately see regret rather an odd emotional surge that told me that’s who I am and I should be proud of it."

"I am again grateful for the opportunity I had to see this and bring a new image to my mind when I see someone staring at my scar." I often say 'that's the power of a portrait'. To me, this really is powerful. To be able to see yourself differently when you look at your pictures is the ultimate goal. To be able to see who you are, that you are unique, that you should feel proud of what you have . . . To have a picture of yourself change the way you see you is life changing. Ben, your scar, your story, and your drive are inspiring. You should be proud, so incredibly proud of who you are and who you are becoming.


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