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Updated: Mar 23, 2019

Here is beautiful, quiet at first, Emmi.

This girl owns everything about herself.

Emmi was like a whisper when she came into the studio. She was composed amid the general chaos of a busy shoot day where outfits were being pulled off hangers, hairspray was in the air, and time was ticking away. Yet, amid all that commotion, Emmi's quiet confidence made her portraits truly remarkable and unique.

There is strength and confidence in Emmi's quiet nature.

When we were looking at Emmi's pictures during her ordering appointment we decided that every image of her belonged in a museum. Every single one was a monument to her elegance and grace.

Some pictures I have no words for . . . only that they change the way I see the world.

Some images of my clients just stop me in my tracks and I sit and look at them. I am in awe of, Emmi. She is an example and proof that you don't need to be loud to be noticed. You don't need to be rough to be strong. You don't need to be anything more or less than what you are when you walk through my door.

Emmi poised and composed in a red gown is such a striking portrait.

Be loud. Be quiet. Be whatever you will be and be brave enough to own it. Emmi does. And when you do, you will be filled with so much confidence and so much assurance in who you are that you will never question your worth. Emmi, thank you for being magnificent! Love, Melinda

Studio in Athens PA.

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