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Emmi is a repeat offender. By this I mean she's come back to me for a second photoshoot. She loved her first experience so much she came back in a little over a year.

Emmi a year ago

Sometimes I feel like a year is a short period of time. What could possibly change that much . . . then I saw Emmi, I talked with her, and she told me all she was doing. She's a designer and with her incredible talents, she organized a non-profit fashion show, Runway for a Cause, headlining local fashion designers and partnering with local businesses. Not only is Emmi the co-owner of this non-profit but she also designed several pieces to be showcased. "I want to create something that gives back to charities that are doing good work and I want to bring in local people that are apart of all aspects of the fashion world," Emmi said.

Emmi now- as beautiful and confidant as ever

Emmi's photoshoot was a little treat just for her- "With all the stress of planning this event it will be nice to have something for me."

I'm always excited to photograph anyone who chooses me as their photographer. I see it as a profound honor. Then Emmi told me she wanted me to photograph her in a piece she designed for Runway for a Cause. I had to hold my self together to keep from jumping out of my chair. I think I might have jumped a little . . . I definitely clapped. When another artist comes to another artist and asks them to help showcase their work, it's humbling . . . it's inspiring. I was honored. Emmi's designs and clothing are beautiful. They are made with every woman in mind. Her pieces are modern and feminine and striking. Photographing her in her favorite hand made piece was a joy, as was the rest for her photoshoot.

Emmi made this dress! She actually made it!

What a wonderful day it was! Multiple outfits, makeup changes, and different set setups came together to make something beautiful for this beautiful woman. Each portrait of Emmi is something special. A part of her that is highlighted and showcased and memorialized. Her beauty and strength are on full display.

"What would you tell someone about having this experience?" I asked Emmi. She nodded her head, smiling as she had just opened her beautiful album full of stunning portraits, "Just do it," she said. "You just have to go for it. It's so worth it when you see yourself in those pictures."

It's always worth it when you have an opportunity to love yourself and see yourself as beautiful as you are. It was an honor photographing you, Emmi! To create with another creator is a special treasure in my life. Love, Melinda

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