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A Project From Years Past

Time to showcase an older project.

During this time I was still primarily photographing people outdoors as I didn't have a dedicated studio space. Me and my team would roughneck through forests and climb rocks and trees just to get a few pictures. But it's not just 'a few pictures'. Not really. When it's something that's beautiful, something that moves you, something that drives you forward as a creator . . . it's never 'just' anything. It's life. It's a celebration of being alive, of being able to connect.

This whole photoshoot was based on creating this one picture. So worth all the work.

Marinna was an absolute champion! She laid in cold water and sat in damp clothes. Yet she never complained. I think it was this photoshoot that our friendship was sealed.

Lindsay and Amanda, the greatest stylist team I've ever come to work with, created for me, shot video, walked through mud and grime . . . all for the sake of creating pretty things.

Being physically separated from people due to this virus fills me with a new desire to get back out there! Even though I spend a good deal of time (voluntarily) in my own home (which I love) I feel the drive to create like this again. To be around people who will hold your hand as you climb over a cliffside and wrap their arms around you when your shaking from cold. It's the connection I miss. And while I don't have these people close at hand right now, I have these pictures and they are a beautiful documentation of the memories we made.

Maybe this is why portraits matter so much?

Be safe out there. And stay healthy. Love, Melinda

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