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Adult Prom with Journey 333

Do you remember your prom? . . . . You do, don't you?

I remember . . . that's me on the left.

Whether you are remembering it with fondness or wishing you could forget it, its fun to have a do-over or a repeat. That's what I got with Adult Prom with Journey 333.

Now, you know that any good Prom worth its salt comes with Prom photos, this is where I come in. I was the prom photographer. And ya'll, it rocked my socks off! For two and a half hours I photographed groups and couples. I laughed and hugged and smiled and cheered. It was incredible! Everyone was dressed beautifully and you know how I feel about beautifully dressed women and men in suits. People only had a few seconds with me before I needed to move onto the next couple, but in those few seconds, we created some beautiful portraits.

Journey 333 hosted adult prom where all the proceeds went to benefit Toys for Tots- by the end of the night over $2,000 was collected! That's a lot of toys for a lot of kids who would otherwise be without. Travis and Cyndy, the owners of Journey 333, have repeatedly created events for their clients that allow them to show off, give back, better their lives, and be apart of a family. I'm forever thankful I got to photograph the people Travis, Cyndy, and their coaches serve every day.

THIS was my favorite prom!

Take a look at all these beautiful people!

Love, Melinda

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