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An Unexpected Change

When Aubrey set up Clair's Princess for an Afternoon experience we were all delighted. I had in my mind visions of crowns, glitter, princess dresses, and imaginative portraits.

We got all of that!

But the unexpected happened when Aubrey told me she was going to be bringing her mom (Patricia), Clair's grandmother, so she could watch her grandaughter be treated like a princess.

If I was Patricia I would have done the same thing- taken time off work and driven hours to watch something so special. Besides, who wouldn't want to spend time with Claire? She's a true delight!

So there they were. Three generations of wonderful women.

You know what I did, what I HAD to do.

Are you surprised that I kindly told them they would all have to sit for just a few pictures?

Given the chance, I will always, ALWAYS include family in pictures. I'll make it quick and painless.

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The set, the dresses, the sparkles, that's frosting. Good frosting, but not necessary, not the most important thing.

Family, now that, that is important, perhaps the most important.

Relationships with those we love, memories, time well spent, that matters.

It's that that grounds you when the storms of life rage.

It's family that shares a common history and helps you remember who you are while helping grow you into who you could be.

It's family that helps ease the burdens of life and makes brighter the joys of existence.

So I photographed Miss Claire with the two most influential women in her life, her mother and her grandmother.

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Claire is young now.

But she's gonna keep growing and one day, these pictures will mean the world to her. She will hold them as she remembers the love of these women who held her. Claire will trace their faces and smile as she recalls stories from years past.

One day these pictures will be among her most prized possessions and it won't be because they wore beautiful dresses and it won't be because I played pretend and Shea dolled her up. It will be because of who she's with.

I know that because that's how Aubrey and Particia feel.

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Do something unexpected next time you're with your family; take pictures with them. Ignore their protests, ask them kindly, bribe them, or just start clicking. Be with your family in pictures. Make it special like what we did for Aubrey, Patricia, and Princess Claire, or keep it simple and take them with your phone.

Just do it.

Have these pictures.

Have proof of your family connection.

You'll never regret pictures of people you love.



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