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Ask Any Man

"You. Are. A. Magician! So impressed on all levels!" Chris, Dawn's husband, said to me when he saw her pictures.

You know what's really cool?

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It wasn't so much what I did that blew Chris's mind, it was the beauty he saw in his wife. It was the confidence he saw her carry, the unhesitating smile, that edge in her gaze, and that spark of light.

Chris was romanced by his wife through her pictures.

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Ask any man and they will tell you that given the opportunity to look at the woman he loves he will look and admire and appreciate and treasure and adore and daydream and watch in complete and utter amazement that he gets to be near her let alone share a life with her.

Your man will look when you don't see and keep on looking when you do.

His gaze will find you in a crowded room or an empty parking lot. He will gravitate toward you just to be near you, just to stand in your aura and be touched by your warmth.

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And too many women, marinated in self-deprecating comments thought to be normal, will say something to get him to stop . . . all the while hopping he doesn't.

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Women, you may not be in love with yourself. You may not see your beauty or your worth. You may struggle, and if you do you are in good company.

You may not see your beauty, but if you have someone who loves you, someone who chooses you like Chris chooses Dawn, you have someone who does.

This isn't magic.

It's not a fancy camera. It's not pretty dresses and great makeup.

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Sure, those things can help you break free from your shell as it all allows you to focus on simply being present instead of the constant inward stream of self-criticism. Your photoshoot will have all the glitz and glam and behind-the-scenes magic we can give you. But when the love of your life looks at your pictures, it's not that they're gonna see.

It's just you.

Just you being seen by those that love you, and that, my friends, is true magic.

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"HOT! Hot hot hot hot!" -Chris

Hair and makeup artistry by the ever-talented Shea Hollister.

Love, Melinda

P.S. Are you interested in an incredible photoshoot experience all your own? Whether it be headshots and branding or contemporary portraits and boudoir we will create something show-stopping that celebrates you! Contact us to get chatting.

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