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Beautiful Sarah

Remember Laura who had her senior pictures done at that old abandoned building in Sayre PA?

Gorgeous, right?

Well, guess who decided to bring her own talents and skills and passions in front of the camera? Laura's youngest sister, Sarah.

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Sarah smiles like she's not hiding anything, like there is no holding back what she's feeling. And she doesn't mince her words either. She won't follow along with any ideas if she's not feeling it. Thankfully, Sarah is an easy-to-please young lady.

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"How to describe Sarah?" Stephanie, Sarah's mother pondered. "Gosh, I don't know. She's just so great. She's just easy. She's so go-with-the-flow."

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Sarah was a quiet, well-spoken delight the moment I met her. Agreeable and content with almost every choice we made just so long as it involved her greatest love, Skip.

Where Sarah is agreeable, Skip is feisty.

Where Sarah is easy, Skip will challenge you.

Where Sarah is beautiful and capable, Skip is handsome and headstrong.

Skip also has an unending love of carrots and rolling around in the mud after a bath.

What can you expect from a horse?

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If you're like me, and haven't spent much time around horses, it's hard to imagine their size until you get right up next to one. Sarah is a young teenager. She's adorable and beautiful and youthful. And next to Skip, a 1,000-pound horse, Sarah looks tiny and delicate.

"How is this young lady gonna handle this mountain of an animal?" I thought as Sarah led him out of the corral.

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"Ok Sarah," I said as I tried to get a handle on the idea of working with an animal who could bull me over faster than a tornado in a dandelion field. "Give me some tips on what I should do if ever I were to ride a horse."

Sarah smiled, bringing out the apple of her cheeks. "It's harder than you think."

No surprise there.

"You have to be focused and ready for hard work."

Got it!

"And you have to be rough. But don't be mean. A horse doesn't know it's over 1,000 pounds."

"Really?" I asked, completely surprised. "How could you be rough with a horse in such a way that it will listen to you?"

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For the next few hours, I watched Sarah show in excellent detail what she meant.

The moment Sarah got Skip, she was in charge. The way she moved, the way she talked, the tone of her voice, the pull of the rope in her hand, the way she encouraged him, the way she corrected him- all of it was deliberate and purposeful. Everything Sarah did communicate to Skip and how she did it ensured that he listened.

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On Skip, Sarah was in her own world of composed deliberate freedom.

On the top of Rockin' N Ranch the wind blew and a chill cold followed. My fingers were freezing and my toes were going numb. But I couldn't stop watching Sarah. For a girl so young she carried herself with a confidence twice her age.

There is some kind of magic when you give a girl responsibility and purpose and that magic is personified in Sarah and her dedicated love of Skip.

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If you ever wanted to see poetry and beauty and grace all put together in one beautiful scene, it's this. It's Sarah with Skip, the wind in their hair and the sun setting behind them.



Phenomenal hair and makeup thanks to Shea Hollister. Many thanks also to Rockin' N Stables.

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