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Beautiful Tracie

"Tracie is highly driven", I wrote in my notes as my friend tried on her lace maroon dress. "This has led her to phenomenal success. It's almost as if there is no room in her mind for anything except succeeding . . . it's as if that's what Tracie was born to do."

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The first thing you'd likely notice about Tracie Shambo is her smile or her hair. Both just about knock you off your feet they're so beautiful. And, as always, there's more beauty beyond what you initially see. Listening and talking with Tracie is like getting a lesson in confidence. Her words are well-measured. There's no hesitation in her answers. Tracie knows her mind, she knows she is intelligent, which has likely made her wise enough to be purposeful in her conversations. It's likely this has helped make her such a successful paralegal, and before that, a pit boss at Tioga Downs (where she once caught the country's most wanted card counter. Is that cool or what!) Yet, all this wisdom and scholastic know-how hasn't dampened her friendly nature and easy personality. She's bright, easy, kind, and always ready with a story about her family. Tracie includes you in her joy by sharing what makes her happy. The love of her family is clear. It makes you realize that while Tracie is highly driven and motivated to win and be the best she can be, she cares deeply about all her relationships.

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Tracie talks like she has nothing to prove but has the smarts enough to help you out and likely solve your problems. It's a good thing too because there tend to be a lot of fires to put out in the real estate world, which is where Tracie finds herself now, and why she came to me.

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"I want to put people in homes they love," Tracie told me and Shea. "And if they are serious, I don't care how long it takes."

With this level of determination, it was time Tracie has professional pictures that supported who she is.

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Our afternoon was full of beauty and a little bravery as Tracie stepped outside her comfort zone, which is not usual since little makes Tracie uncomfortable. Tracie was stunning. She smiled like a woman with worlds experience and pockets full of answers.

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This is Tracie.

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She's got enough casino membership cards to make a rainbow, and she'll tell you which ones are the best. She has opinions on all of them, so ask.

If she's not closing on beautiful homes for her valuable clients she's with her family making memories and savoring time together. Tracie is an attentive daughter, a dedicated mother, and a doating grandma. Her phone is full of photographic proof that she'll happily show you. On the off chance she's not in either of those spaces, if Tracies's really resting and relaxing, a rare treat for this dedicated woman, she's home with her pups getting all the loves.

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Hat's off to you Tracie. You are truly a woman of astounding knowledge and dedication. Your work ethic alone makes you stand out. But it's your devotion to family, your love of your career, and your integrity that makes you shine. Thank you for honoring us and letting us photograph the great Tracie Shambo.

Hair and makeup for the beautiful Tracie thanks to Shea Hollister.



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