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Beautiful Veronica

"I saw the pictures you took of my friend Emily a couple months ago. They weren't just pictures of her, they were her how I see her. You captured who she is," Veronica said several afternoons ago. "The way you instill confidence, it's compelling. I don't just want a picture . . . I want my story told."

If you only look at Veronica on the surface you see a woman who is deeply intimidating. She's a mom of 4, runner, married to a man in law enforcement, and is running for Family Court Judge after working in law for many years. Here is a woman who has prosecuted, defended, campaigned, worked late night, and woke early on numberless mornings.

She is tireless.

She is determined.

She is outspoken.

She is confidant.

And she knows who she is and she's known that for a very long time.

"I have known since I was 3 that I was intimidating," Veronica told me.

While many of us want to be like this, confidant and self-assured, it comes with a price. People often don't like it when you speak your mind. People don't like it when your opinions differ from theres.

Women that are confident often can be seen as cold and arrogant.

But you must know, Veronica is none of these things.

"I wasn't to be seen as compassionate," Veronica said as she told me how she was often seen by others, even strangers.

I smiled because I knew that task would not be difficult.

During all of my conversing with Veronica there were smiles and laughs. Talks of motherhood and personal goals. There were personal stories of love and heartbreaking loss.

No, this woman that is remarkably confidant is not cold nor arrogant. She is warm, caring, concerned, and aware.

"2020 was the year to realize what's most important," said Veronica. "I lost my mother this year but I've learned that everything is forward moving."

Forward moving because to keep going to keep living, to keep thriving, to keep growing.

That's what Veronica does, she moves forward.

This is a woman who is driven by forward momentum.

She knows good things come with work and trying even when its hard . . . even when it doesn't work the first time.

Veronica's story is, and will continue to be, a long one.

The pages of her life will be detailed with her sincere works of compassionate understandings of justice, love of family, earnest understanding of humanity, and a devotion to be all that she can be.

To help tell a portion of your story, Veronica, has been a sincere honor, one I will treasure for always.

To read more about Veronica's campaign simply visit her website and see what an incredible woman she is- https://www.veronicagorman.com/

Love, Melinda

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