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Being Brave

I love the look of an elegant woman, confidant in her own space as she prepares to move forward and live life.

Being brave is not doing something you know you can do even though its hard.

It's smart.

It's tactical.

But I wouldn't say its brave.

Being brave is doing something you might fail at. Being brave is taking the risk to do something new, to try again even though you failed every time before, to look at how much something is going to hurt but do it anyway.

Being brave means you don't know the outcome.

But you know your values.

You know what you want.

Failing is always a possibility where bravery is concerned.

Thankfully, it never lasts. Not really.

But bravery . . . oh my friends, now that, that changes us. That makes us.

And that is something that lasts.

I adore every one of your photographs Tiffany. Thank you for being brave, taking a risk, and seeing how beautiful you are.

Special thank you to:

* Lindsay Whitney of Vitality for being a rockstar stylist and makeup artist.

* The Purple Iris Boutique for letting us use such beautiful gowns.

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Love, Melinda

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