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Believe in Kindness

I believe in kindness. At one point in time I would have said "call me crazy". But I don't think that believing in something that should be considered normal is 'crazy'. I think it helps me see the world as a more beautiful place. I notice kindness. I notice it when others are kind in public and I sure notice when others are kind to me. That's how I met Gabrielle.

Beautiful in black. Bold and timeless.

I was at my framers (Spencer's Art and Framing) and Gabrielle came in to pick up her order. Let me tell you, Gabrielle was so kind to me. Just open and happy and kind and I knew this was a person I had to photograph. The idea was solidified when Patty Spencer confirmed that not only was Gabrielle incredibly kind and genuine but so was her boyfriend, Justin. The day of Gabrielle's photoshoot was wonderful! Gabrielle has a light that radiates out of her. She is as kind as she is beautiful. She is as funny as she is witty. Not an unkind or negative word passed her lips. She told us stories of food, travel, her cats, and her dogs.

Isn't Gabrielle just beyond words stunning in this red dress on the studio floor? This is what confidence and t r u e beauty will get you

Gabrielle connects with those she interacts with and she does it with ease . . . as if she was born to it. Enter Justin.

Gabrielle just loves this picture of Justin. And with that smile and warmth, who could disagree.

Justin came in towards the end of the photoshoot. And this man hit the ground running! He was ready to be photographed even though he had all the same worries that everyone has: "What do you want me to do with my hands?" "Is this awkward?" Justin listened, which isn't always easy when your uncertain. But Justin and Gabrielle both trusted me and this is what we created.

Their love for one another is so real. And it shows in how easily they interact with one another.

Beautiful, timeless portraits that celebrate who they are and their relationship together. We celebrated Gabrielle and Justin, two people who are filled to the brim with genuine kindness. And that kind of love, that kind of goodness, I believe you can see it. Kindness makes beauty more than skin deep. And these two are truly beautiful people.

Gabrielle and Justin- at peace in each others arms.

Thank you Gabrielle and Justin! What an honor knowing you, photographing you, and talking about pets and food. Love, Melinda

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