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"I was on the verge of turning 45, and I wanted to capture the changes I've made over the last 20 years." This is Brandi's why.

For her, all this, the photoshoot, the portraits, the documentation, it was all about showing who she's become. And Brandi has worked hard to become who she is. I've known Brandi for a few months as we've worked out together at our much-loved gym, Journey Fitness. I've seen this woman push and pull and move and lift- she is fierce. And she won't be stopped. When you were one person for so long and then you do the work to become new, to become better, it's an undeniable accomplishment. But that ghost of who you were is still there. "I want to see this person I've become because most days I don't see it," Brandi said as we sat on the floor of my studio. "I wonder why that is." Brandi shook her head, "I was always the chubby, funny girl. I made the first joke about my body so no one else would. I was that way for so long that I just don't see past it." I smiled and took a moment to admire the beautiful woman, my friend, who sat across from me. This woman out lifts me, outpaces me, outruns me, and she encourages me. "Let's change that," I said, knowing that Brandi deserved to see herself as she truly is.

Brandi's wedding dress, now MANY sizes too big. Proof of all her hard work.

One of the many things you enjoy about Brandi is her ability to laugh. She's got a quick wit and wicked humor. When you are with Brandi you laugh because she's just funny! And laugh we did all throughout Brandi's photoshoot. There is this genuine love of life that pours out of Brandi. You feel drawn to her . . . and I think it's because she's so in her own element always that you feel comfortable being in yours. Even when she's nervous, she's confident. Even when she's uncomfortable, she's stable. Brandi is constant. And all through her photoshoot, she was a powerhouse of beauty, determination, and confidence.

. . . And wouldn't you know it, it show's in every single breathtaking picture.

Brandi, you are . . . gosh, you're just so much good! You're beautiful but it's a beauty that doesn't just ride on the surface. It goes deep, right down to the soul of who you are. Having you in my studio, in front of my camera, and getting to take your pictures has brought me so much joy.

Love, Melinda

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