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Bruns Family

Updated: Mar 6, 2019

I've talked about photographing families before and how much I love it.

The whole Bruns Clan. What an incredible family whom I love dearly.

I love photographing the whole family and then breaking the family down into groups, down to the smaller relationships.

This is Kainoa Bruns with his two incredible daughters. When I took this shot I actually had to step aside for a moment because I had to collect myself emotionally and get the tears back from my eyes so I could focus.

A father and his daughters- a connection that will always move me.

You see, I saw Kainoa with his daughters. I saw all that love those sweet girls have for their father.

Then I saw myself with my father.

I saw the little girl that I still am and I felt the longing and the wish to have pictures with my father.

Just something to remember, something to see.

One day this picture will be everything to these girls.

One day this portrait of them will be priceless.

Parents, be photographed with your children.

Do it for yourself.

Do it for them.

Love, Melinda

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