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Businesses deserve to exist in pictures too! Or at least the people involved in them. We've moved away from the faceless, impersonal business model the was so prevalent years ago. Now more businesses are embracing the face that their customers want to know them. Their customers want to see who they are, want to know a little about them, and visually see what they do/offer. When businesses are ready to embrace putting their face and their service front and center for their clients to see, they contact me. I help businesses be seen visually. I help them showcase what they do, what they create, and most importantly who they are. Meet the beautiful and multi talented women of Vitality in Horseheads NY.

It was time for the ladies of Vitality to step out and be seen. And what a beautiful sight they are.

Amanda- Owner of Vitality, makeup artist, and stylist specializing in all women hair needs, mens cutting, mens coloring, dimensional & natural hair coloring

Lindsay- Makeup artist and stylist specializing in all women's hair needs as well as mens cutting, mens coloring, dimensional & natural hair coloring.

Kendyl- sylist specializing in all women's hair needs as well as dimensional and natural hair coloring.

Carley- stylist specializing in mens cutting, mens coloring, dimensional & natural hair coloring

Samantha- Stylist specializing in precision cutting, men’s cutting, facial waxing.

Each one of the women of Vitality is highly trained and continues to grow in her craft. These women continue to grow and educate themselves in the field of cosmetology by learning from other master stylists. Their education never stops, and as a client, that is everything! And what about the products they use?

These ladies know their stuff! They know the companies they use and they only use the best. I've had talks with these ladies and they can talk chemicals, dyes, production, testing, creation, product development, history, company legacy, and hair science like they were talking about the weather. They know their stuff. They know what will work best for all types of hair.

Amanda, the owner of Vitality, and Lindsay are both incredible makeup artists who continue to perfect the art of flawless bridal, prom, dance, and glam makeup. They are the total package.

A little personal endorsement here- I have known Amanda and Lindsay for close to 4 years. We've worked on dozens of high intensity projects that have put us out in the elements; hot weather, cold weather, rushing water, and hikes through rough terrain. I'm not an easy sell on makeup and hair styling. By this, I mean I am picky. When it's my work for my clients I like things to be a certain way (the certain way is usually whatever my clients want). Amanda and Lindsay time and time again have blown my expectations out of the water. They show up, they do amazing work, they connect with my/our clients, and they serve with all their heart and skill. In short, I trust them.

All the women of Vitality are here, front and center, ready to help you have the best hair day (or face day). Go see them. Go talk to them. Let them serve you.

Ladies of Vitality, thank you always giving the best! Cheers to many more projects, more learning, more growing, and more service to our incredible clients.

Love, Melinda

Photography Studio in Athens PA.

Serving Athens Pennsylvania, Towanda Pennsylvania, Corning New York, and Twin Tiers area.

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