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Celebrate One Another

Confession: I anxiously wait for when clients post pictures that I've taken of them and then I read every. single. comment. I do this every time. Without fail and without exception. If you've shared a picture I've taken I've followed it. And I've read everything that was written.

I don't do it because I'm worried someone will say something negative, I dont chase that. I do it because I love to see the positivity and the support and the love that comes from my clients friends and family and loved ones. Its like a dam breaks and positivity just floods in with overwhelming amounts of support and encouragement.

Does this totally look like the cover of a classical album? Yes, yes it does.

I know there is this idea that life is this a dark and sad place full of people who are secretly wishing you the worst and trying to tear you down. Perhaps there are some of those people . . . no, there ARE those people. But I have seen that they are far and few between.

I believe that as a people, as a whole we have a innate desire to cheer on one another. We want to see others happy. We want to see people succeed. We want to see them win. And we want to be there cheering them on as it happens.

I believe that we love to celebrate one another. That given the opportunity we will yell and scream and cheer and post funny jaw dropping memes and clap and share and support because we love to add to the happiness of others around us. And seeing others happy, makes us happy.

I love seeing the effect my portraits have on relationships. I love that portraits bring people together. I love that they are a reason for celebration. What a beautiful phenomenon to be apart of. Janie, not only was it an honor photographing you, but it was a privilege getting to read the love and the support of your family as they spoke so highly of your goodness and beauty. Love, Melinda

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