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Updated: Jul 26, 2022

The oldest Fox sister.

No makeup, minimal sleep, and still unquestionably beautiful.

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Angela's hair started to turn grey when she was a teenager. She fought it for a few years but embraced it as time went on. By the time she was an adult, she was rockin' a silver streak that would make Rogue jealous. (X-Men fans, anyone?)

I remember being a young teenager idolizing Angela and her grey hair.

I would pour peroxide on a comb and brush it through my stylishly parted side bangs, adding tastefully bold blond/white highlights to the front of my hair.

I did it because I thought my sister was beautiful and I wanted to be beautiful too.

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I know many women who fight their grey hair, and I'm not knocking anyone who gets their hair taken care of- I'm all for it! I simply admire my older sister's example of seeing the beauty in her change.

Isn't that fascinating how so often we fight against change?

We demonize it and run from it.

We cover it, lotion it, pump it full of chemicals, surgery it away, and pay large amounts of money just to keep change from creeping closer.

But maybe change isn't a monster creeping out from under our bed each time a birthday rolls around.

Is it possible that change instead is bringing a gift, a reward for reaching a new stage in life, a badge of honor that shines as proof that we have lived despite all the difficulties of existence?

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Maybe my sister didn't see her grey hair as a gift, at first.

Maybe she tried to run, fast and quick, much like the silver fox she would soon become.

But now she sees each streak of grey as I always did- beautiful, striking, unique.

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Don't run when change comes to pay a visit.

Take a look at what's being offered.

And know that no matter the change, you are beautiful . . .

and I can prove it.



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