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Danielle's BTS Photoshoot

Ever wonder what a photoshoot is like?

What happens and what can you expect?

First, my goal is to take the most beautiful pictures you've ever seen of yourself. I want you to feel like you shine. And then I want you to see it. I want you to feel how beautiful you are. I want you to have an experience with me that proves to you how divine and valuable you are.

Second, you can expect me and your stylist to be in your corner. We are with you on every step of this day. You just have to trust us. You will be made-up and guided through this whole experience.

Never been photographed before? Never liked pictures of yourself?

That's ok.

That's why I'm here. I will show you every movement and in the end, I will prove to you that you are absolutely worthy of being in front of the camera.

Expect to be pampered. Expect to be seen as beautiful.

Expect to fall in love with yourself.

Take a look at this behind the scenes video of Daniell's photoshoot. It's just a small snapshot of all this experience creates.

Love, Melinda

Photography Studio in Athens PA.

Serving Athens Pennsylvania, Towanda Pennsylvania, Corning New York, and Twin Tiers area.

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