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Elizabeth and Bella

May has basically been Mother's Day month for me and I'm loving it!

Elizabeth and her sweet daughter came down to see me all the way from Washington DC. Photographing these two was wonderful.

Beautiful mother and daughter

The love that Elizabeth has for her daughter is heartwarming.

While photographing Bella I leaned that this girls has got some serious skills AND tastes. She plays tennis. And even though she said it was hard when she first started, she kept at it. She's a math champion and it's her favorite subject. She said, "It just comes easy to me." As someone who litterally can't keep numbers in line, I'm in awe. Her favorite foods include but are not limited to; sushi, Indian, Japanese, and Mexican . . . yeah, this girl is a rockstar! No picky eater here!

What a way to celebrate this sweet girl.

The trust and connection between this mother and daughter is something that deserves to be memorialized.

We memorialize the funny moments. The real life.

Always get the funny moments!

The stuff you want to always remember. You want to memorialize the beauty of everyday life with those you love most.

Make it memorable.

And we memorialize with pictures that you will be able to touch and feel and hold every day of your life.

This is your legacy.

This is your daughters legacy . . . and it's more than just pixels on a screen.

Thank you for choosing me to photograph such important moments in your live, Elizabeth! What a wonder of loveliness you and your daughter are!

Special thanks to Bethany Parisi for her incredible hair and makeup skills. What a truly incredible day this way. Love, Melinda

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