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Every Woman- This Is For You

I love women! I love photographing them. I love talking to them. I love learning from them.

This campaign, Every Woman, is a real baby project for me. I think about what this could do, how this affects women, and how they become more after they have seen this side of themselves.

I think about all the women I could photograph and change the way they've always thought about themselves . . . I can barely sit still I'm so excited!

Being photographed is transformational. It changes the way you see yourself. This campaign is for Every Woman!

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No excuses about how you think you look or what size you wear or how old you are. Every Woman is worthy of being photographed.

My friends, please share this. Please talk about it.

There are women out there just looking for a way to be seen, women wanting to feel beautiful. Maybe it's your mom, your sister, your best friend, your son's math teacher, your stylist, or the woman who makes your coffee. Maybe it's you. Every Woman is invited to be apart of this campaign.

Help spread the word.



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