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Updated: Jul 26, 2022

Not all of our most cherished connections are with people. People are complicated and sometimes difficult.

We should know.

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But family pets, these loved creatures that we find and bond with have a way of loving that eases the complexities of life without adding to them. Family pets, four-legged children, and furry best friends give more than they take. They accept us when the world doesn't, and sometimes they love us when we struggle to love ourselves.

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Shea brought in her little fluffy boy, Franklin, to get his portraits done because Franklin is Shea's everything.

Shea told me before that Franklin was special.

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“He’s different,” she said. “He’s not like other dogs. You can look and talk and he’ll listen. You can see he understands.”

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Franklin is different! He’s unlike any pup I’ve spent time with. He’s got spice and temperament. He listens but on his terms. He’s gentle but discerning. Franklin is Shea’s best boy! She loves him and it’s so, so clear he loves her. Their connection is just as unique and special as Franklin is. It makes sense that this little family would have pictures together.

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Maybe that’s hard for some to understand but for those that get it, those that have felt it, you know.

Love, Melinda

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