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From Jessica

" “I want to be able to see the beauty that others see...” “I want to feel worthy again...” That’s what I told Melinda when we first spoke. We spoke for over an hour, unbeknownst to her she was being my “therapist”. I had closed a chapter in my life and had survived it. I explained that I wanted to capture that I had made it... when I thought I wouldn’t. As a mom, it is only natural that we tend to self-sacrifice our wants...Don’t we all do it?  I questioned this experience many times, but I am so grateful to myself for going through with it. You see, many people can take your picture, but can they capture what you need to see in them? Melinda did. She captured my pain and the struggles I have been through, but also my faith and the strength that has blossomed within. These pictures are a reminder to myself of the beauty I hold inside and out. This is me... Don’t wait till you lose those 15 pounds! Do it now... for a lesson I learned is we never know what tomorrow will bring. I am so proud I did this! I will now be able to leave a legacy to my daughters in hope that they will forever know that although life will have its struggles... Faith, Hope, and Love are always everlasting!

Your friend, Jessica M. Haney

P.S. Know that I will be eternally grateful for your friendship. Your words have healed wounds that have been open for a long time."

Love, Melinda

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