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From Laura

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"Thank you so much for the most amazing pictures ever. You were able to capture me and the things I love to do!! From the first time talking over FaceTime to all the sweet treats you made and finding the most amazing place for these crazy good pictures, that you were able to have done and such a short time it was truly incredible. Shea did such an amazing job with my makeup and hair!! Thank you and Shea for the best most pampering, best experience ever!"

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Shea and I adore Laura!

Knowing she loved this experience as much as we did is the most important thing. The dresses are fun, the snacks and drinks are a nice touch, and the location was amazing. But Laura feeling seen and celebrated from start to finish and then loving the pictures we created, that is the ideal.

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I make sure this photoshoot experience isn't just nice, standard, or neat but unforgettable, extraordinary, and enlightening.

We know it's vulnerable being photographed, let us make it inspiring.

I know you don't always feel comfortable in your body, let me show you that you are beautiful.

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You might feel nervous and that's ok. I'm going to show you that you belong here.

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I know I'm the photographer and you might think I'm just saying this because it's what I do. You are right! This is what I do. But there is no pretending with my words, there is no fluff, there is no lie.

Trust what Laura said.

Trust that just like we did with Laura, we can also take the 'most amazing pictures ever' of you.

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Love, Melinda

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