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From Marianne

“I think we frequently take for granted the meaning of true quality in a photograph; in fact it’s probably something we don’t even really realize until we see it.

Often I hear people say “Do I really look like that? I don’t like how I look in pictures.” I’m guilty of that, very much so. Who isn’t. I also hear a lot people say they dislike their voice, “oh no, do I really sound like that? I don’t like how my voice sounds.” But you actually don’t dislike the sound of your voice. The truth is, the quality in which you’re hearing back your voice isn’t very good. If you’ve ever listened to the sounds of your own voice recorded on quality audio equipment, it sounds how you feel like you sound, how you sound to others. It’s crisp and clear and beautiful. You just needed the right combination of quality to capture your true sound.

And maybe this sounds like a weird rambling and what does this even have to do with my experience of being photographed by Melinda? Hear me out.

You don’t dislike how you look in photos, you just haven’t experienced the quality you deserve to capture your real and true self. After all, taking a photo isn’t just about snapping a picture, anyone could do that.

The passion, the dedication, the appreciation and desire, to capture the true and pure essence of an individual, is where real quality within a photograph lies. Don’t fool yourself into thinking you don’t like how you look in pictures. Let yourself understand that you are beautiful (men and woman), and capturing that, truly, is no small feat. Because you deserve to see what other people see, your true self.

I can’t explain my excitement and giddiness, seeing my photos Melinda had taken, I was filled with such delight! Then tears of awe and love. Love for myself! Being given the opportunity to really see myself and see my true beauty brought feelings of gratitude and so much more. She captured something I hadn’t really seen in myself before, something crisp and clear and real. And that’s exciting, I mean really exciting.

Melinda’s ability to capture the true beauty of an individual is incredible. Her passion is unmatched, and shines in the quality of her work.

You don’t dislike how you look in photos, and neither do I. Let Melinda give you a look through a lens (no pun intended) which allows you to see your real self and your true beauty, the way everyone else sees it. Give yourself the opportunity to experience quality in a lasting way, because you do deserve it.”

Marianne is my sister so her words can be taken with that in mind. While it’s clear she loves me, she’s also a discerning artist in her own right. Many people don’t know that about my sister. She’s always had a strong creative eye, one that I admired long before I really came into my own.

I think one of the greatest complements I can get is from another artist- to have them see my work close to how I see it, to feel how I feel in the act of creating. That is a profoundly humbling feeling . . . one I am thankful to always find with Marianne.

Love, Melinda

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