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Happily Ever After

Updated: Feb 20, 2019

Recently this spectacular woman went and surprised me by getting married to the love of her life! What a wonderful, exciting time them! Almost a year ago (in Sayre, Pennsylvania) Cheyenne came to me so that I could photograph her. She came all the way from Binghamton, New York and we had a wonderful time!

Beauty, portrait photographer in Athens Pennsylvania
Look at how angelic she is.

On the day of her photoshoot we did several different looks because we wanted to celebrate all aspects of who she is.

Smile, joy, photographer in Athens Pennsylvania
That smile, right? *swoon*

We did light to dark. Smile to contemplative.

teeth, dark, photographer in Athens Pennsylvania
This woman is miraculously beautiful. And her tooth gap is so timeless!

Cheyenne also wanted to celebrate her Native American heritage and her strong roots to her Iroquois tribe.

Cool fact about this striking image- I made all that she is wearing. I did some deep digging in historical images and pushed a lot of ideas together to come up with the really cool pieces she's wearing.

Finally, we created an Egyptian look for Cheyenne. If you've noticed her tattoos you'll see that culture has played a strong impact in her life. in truth, she feels she was Egyptian in a past life.

Egypt, photographer in Athens Pennsylvania
Looking like that, who could argue- Stunning!!!

Gold, photographer in Athens Pennsylvania
Gold for days!

What an incredible time we had that day. What a truly magnificent person Cheyenne is. She is kind, funny, warm, and real. Her desire for kindness towards others warmed my heart almost as much as her beautiful smile.

Cheyenne, I am so incredibly happy for you and that you've been so fortunate and blessed find someone to spend your life with.

I remember the light in your eyes and how you just glowed when you talked about Zach.

He's your person.

And he is one lucky guy to have you as his wife.

So much love and blessings and happiness to the both of you!!

Thank you to Jennifer Manno for her incredible makeup skills.

Love, Melinda

Studio in Athens PA.

Serving Athens Pennsylvania, Towanda Pennsylvania, Corning New York, and Twin Tiers aria.

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