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Hello, Beautiful.

The incredible stylists, Amanda and Lindsay, from Vitality and I got together to create really beautiful portraits for the walls of Vitality.

Amanda and Lindsay wanted to show their skills as Hairstylists and Makeup Artists to their clients. And what better way than to be able to point to the big portrait on the wall and say, "Yeah, you see that beautiful picture and that beautiful girl? I did her styling. Her hair and makeup that looks flawless- I did that and I can do it for you too."

The proof is in the picture. Because we were creating work for them we decided to gift session to three really wonderful women. We wanted Jessica, Emmi, and Marinna to feel special. We wanted them to experience what its like on the set of a magazine photoshoot.

They did AMAZING! Each of these women has a story. Each of them have had difficult experiences yet they face life with lifted shoulders and hope.

It was an honor to photograph each of these women. It was an honor to get to know them. It was an honor to work with Lindsay and Amanda as they showcased their skills as artists. Here's a behind the scenes look at what its like at a photoshoot with Fox Photography by Melinda Fox.

There are many laughs, a lot of movement, stylists that make you look stunning, and I never let you feel like you're in it alone. I guide you the whole way so that you have pictures that look as beautiful as you.

Love, Melinda

Studio in Athens PA.

Serving Athens Pennsylvania, Towanda Pennsylvania, Corning New York, and Twin Tiers area.

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