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Brandi, a friend, and stunning woman who I've photographed, talked about her sister and the incredible woman she is. "You and Hollie would be instant friends," Brandi told me. Of course, Brandi was right. Shortly after photographing Brandi, Hollie contacted me. As if had been predicted, Hollie and I quickly became friends. A military wife with 10 deployments under her belt and two kids, Hollie is incredibly independent. "It's been a long road," Hollie said as she talked about the moves, deployments, and adventures. "I want to celebrate that we made it."

Hollie is like summer. She bright and bubbly and smiles easily. She's warm and kind. And she lives her life with an intuitive nature and philosophy that I admire. Every word Hollie spoke was hopeful and positive. Hollie told me early on that she wanted to look happy- "Melinda, I want to look so happy! Because I am happy."

So many laughs during Hollie's photoshoot.

Hollie is beautiful because she's happy. And her happiness isn't noticeable because she's smiling all the time, although she does smile a wonderful amount. No, Hollie's beautiful happiness is evident in the way she carries her self, the spark in her green eyes, and the way she talks about life.

Green eyes, freckles, and red hair. Could she be any more of a dream?

It's not that Hollie has had it easy. Seeing your loved husband off on 10 deployments is not easy. Raising two children is not easy . . . life is not easy . . . Hollie chooses to see the goodness in her life and circumstances. She feels through her actions and trusts that what she does, when done with good intentions, will work best. She chooses to move and act instead of being a victim of life. Hollie lives with her arms out, her heart open, a smile on her face, and an encouraging word on her lips.

Isn't' that someone you want to be around? Isn't that a beautiful woman?

Hollie, it has been a gift meeting you.

It's been a profound honor photographing you. Every look and movement you created was divine. What a joy you are, my friend.

Love, Melinda

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