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I Hope

It was 3 years ago today that my husband and I left the hospital with our sweet boys. Finally, we were headed home. It was a few days later than we expected because doctors found an abnormality in Thomas's heart. 

Finally packing up to go home!

When I think back to those hours of waiting only to get snippets of news, I see it in flashes: 

. . .

My husband holding our other son Richard, holding him as if afraid the doctors would take him too. 

. . .

Repeated explanations of what they found and what it meant and me understanding none of it. 

. . .

A doctor with a fallen face saying we needed to prepair for one of us to go with Thomas in a helicopter so he could have surgery . . . then my husband breaking down in a way I had never seen, and have yet seen since. 

. . .

Me asking the doctor to leave so we could have some privacy as our world shattered around us. 

. . .

Thomas, small and asleep under a heating lamp with his arm in an impossibly big brace to keep the IV protected. 

. . .

Emotions rolling over me in waves, clearing only to come back so strong I felt like I was drowning. 

So many fears. 

And a lot of pain. 

But a glimmer of hope. 

Long story short, we were able to take Thomas home. He didnt have to have surgery at two days old. 

My biggest fears didnt happen. 

Thing's were still uncertain and we still had to do hard things like open-heart surgery at 9months. 

The doctor taking Thomas from my arms just before his surgery.

But we lived! 

We survived! 

We grew! 

Sure, we cried some . . . but there was always hope. 

Thomas right after surgery . . . the hands of angels working over him.

Things can sometimes look grim. 

And maybe they are.  

Maybe death comes knocking and you have to answer that door. 

Maybe chaos comes into your house and sweeps it clean of everything you have. 

Maybe the worst happens . . . 

But hope still has a place in all that darkness. 

Hope is always an option even when everything else has been taken. 

Hope lights the candle reminding you that you are strong enough to rebuild, repair, repent, rework, and reawaiken. 

Hope lights the candle reminding you that you are strong enough to rebuild, repair, repent, rework, and reawaken. 

So, I hope.

Love, Melinda

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