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I've Been Quiet

I've been quiet but I have not been idle.

I've been tired.

I've been a little nauseous, but only a little.

I've gained some weight and had to put some clothes away.

You see where I'm going? I'm pregnant!

Thankfully this first trimester was not bad at all.

But, watching my body change, well that was/is a little difficult.

I can say with complete honestly that I am thankful for every picture and self-portrait I had done this year. I've been able to look at the pre-pregnancy Melinda and know that I can get back to where I want to be once this baby is born. I did it once and I can do it again.

In the meantime, I wanted to celebrate being through my first trimester with baby #4.

This looked like me getting my kids down for quiet time, showering, setting up my camera and tripod, turning on my high powered fan, and wrapping myself in a lot of fabric.

I have never done pregnancy pictures . . . ok . . . actually I did but they . . . oh man, they are not good. It's rough to look at them. And I can say that because they are self-portraits, I'm about 9 months pregnant with twins, and it features day old Pizza Hut pizza.

I wanted these pictures to be different . . . I needed them to be different.

I got my wish. I love these pictures.

I love them despite the fact that my body has changed several sizes.

I love these pictures simply because I look beautiful and elegant and unique.

Seeing these is making me reexamine how I see myself as my body changes and I'm forever thankful for that . . .

I am forever thankful for the power of a portrait.

Love, Melinda

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