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Just A Little Extra

It doesn't take much to distinguish yourself from the run-of-the-mill person.

That sounds harsh but the truth of the matter is that there are people who are content to live a life of averages.

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Average amount of happiness.

Average level of extended kindness.

Average friendships.

Average job.

Average hobbies.

Average everything.

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I'm not totally knocking average either. Sometimes average is all we can do and that's ok. However, I feel that living in average is not.

You want to stand out in the world? Stop being average.

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I don't mean that you go out and do something stupid and crazy. That's just silly. Besides, too many people do outlandishly stupid things as a way to be noticed. You would (once again) get lost in the circus and become just another one of those people that did that weird thing once.


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If you really want to stand out it's far more simple than outlandish antics.

All you have to do is one step more than the majority of people.

That's it.

Hold the door open.

Tip a dollar more.

Smile at someone you're next to.

Give a compliment.

Say please and thank you.

Give amazing service.

Be nice to the weird guy at work.

Choose not to hate someone online who has a different political opinion than you.

Pick up that bit of trash you walk by.

Remember your librarian's name.

Pick up your wife's shoes.

Call your mom and tell her you love her.

Send a kind text.

Don't get upset at the lady that cut you off.

Be honest while being kind.

Congratulate others.

Ask people questions about their life.

Invite someone to be a part of something.

Smile when you go to work.

Offer solutions that you are willing lead.

Hold your complaints.

Put your phone down.

Assume the best in others.

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If you really want to stand out to people, and I mean the people that matter most, the ones you share a life and a community with not the unreal mob that is the dull, colorless cacophony of ever-changing dance moves and lip-syncing videos, you will choose to be a little more genuine, a little more kind, and just a little more interested in the happiness of others than the popularity of yourself.

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Sometimes a little more doesn't always feel easy. But that's what's gonna make you different than every other person. That extra step or two is gonna put you miles ahead of people who live a grey, average life where they never smile, never care about others, never celebrate, always look for doom and gloom, and never care about more than what they are able to complain about. That extra step will make you memorable. People will smile when they see you. You'll be invited into groups and create new connections because your small, extra step makes everything better.

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That's the magic of it, while you do just a little more to make the world around you a little better your life gets significantly richer, more vibrant, and more fruitful.

Don't you want that?

I want that!

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There are plenty of average people out there.

We don't have to be one of them.



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