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"I've completely changed my life," Kathy said.

Anytime someone tells me that I get chills because change is hard. It's hard to let go of habits and traditions.

It's hard to make the difficult changes when its so much easier to keep doing what you're doing. Kathy changed her life by loosing a lot of weight, over 50lbs, and she is a dedicated gym goer at Journey Fitness.

Fun tidbit, my assistant for this shoot is actually one of Kathy's trainers. Thanks Brooklyn!

"I want to see myself as strong. Could we do some pictures of me in my gym gear?" Kathy asked. "It's such a big part of my life now." Of course we did! How amazing is it to have an example of a working woman over 50 who changed her life and lives life on her terms.

Kathy has reminded me that you are never too old, the time is never too far gone, and you are never too late to be the woman you want to be.

It's easy it get stuck in old ways.

They fit like comfey old shoe.

But man, those old shoes don't have much support and they don't get you far on the road you want to travel . . . because maybe the road you want to take it uphill and the path is less a path and more an untraveled, up hill, vine filled forest.

You need better shoes for a journey like that . . . you need better habits.

Change isn't easy, especially health change.

TV is really good now a days and blankets are so soft!

Have you had donuts? Or those twisty little chocolate things at Disney World?

Yeah, it's hard walking away from that.

But the opposite direction of those comfortable habits is something new, something beautiful, something for you to reach for and work hard at.

And that work changes you.

You're not the same when you go on these journeys.

As you travel and climb you find that you've become someone different, someone you always wanted to be.

And what's more beautiful than a woman who has dedicated her life to becoming who she wants to be?

It's gonna look different for all of us.

But this, this is how Kathy looks on this beautiful journey of becoming.

And she is absolutely beautiful!

Love, Melinda

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