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Kathy and Eleanor

"I'm so glad I did this," Kathy said as we stood in my studio, now filled with laughter and precious memories. "And," she said as she looked across at her mother, "I'm really glad I was able to get her to be apart of this too."

A year ago I met Kathy at an event.

"We'll be in touch," she said with a smile amid loud music and shifting lights.

When Kathy said that I never expected her to also bring her 90+ year old mother, Eleanor, with her a year later. And I never expected Eleanor to be feisty, positive, and full of more personal integrity than most.

Eleanor was a nurse and so followed her daughter Kathy. "I was born to be a nurse. It's all I ever wanted to do," Kathy said, a wistful look on her face. "And I love doing it."

"It's got to be hard though," I said. "Taking care of so many sick people and having to deal with families and death and tragedy. How do you stay so positive."

Eleanor, with her years and years of being a nurse, took the answer on this one: "It's easier to be positive."

And that's all she said. (Eleanor is not a woman to mince words or waste them.)

I couldn't agree more.

It's a choice, isn't it, being positive? We choose happiness in this life. We choose to lift up straight and strong or stay down and be miserable and blame our problems on God, the universe, or others.

Incredibly, Eleanor passed on this knowledge to Kathy who is always smiling, always filled with gratitude, and something good to say.

Honestly, just typing this and remembering my time with these two women brings a smile to my face.

They walked in with confidence and positivity.

They taught me that even through years of life, years of a hard and demanding career, and years of raising a family, you still make the choice to make your life your own.

You can choose health and happiness.

You can choose to see the world as working for you.

You can choose gratitude.

Kathy and Eleanor taught me that you can never outgrow your ability to create the life you want.

Creat it.

Make it.

Show up for it.

We choose.

Love, Melinda

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