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To say pregnancy and motherhood change you is a vast understatement. Thousands of books have been written on all the changes that happen to a woman's body as it works to grow and create a child, an actual human being living with thoughts and emotions.

That's kind of a big deal!

And man does it take its toll on the mother.

Stretch marks, swollen feet, dislocated bones, stretched out tendons, unpredictable hair growth (or lack thereof), and emotions and hormones seem to just do their own thing however they want.

Sometimes, especially after our children are born, women take a look at their body and wonder if it's even their's . . . it's changed so much.

"I truly didn’t think I would ever see myself the way I use to," Lindsay told me. Lindsey has always been fit and strong. She's always looked a certain way and she worked hard to get there.

Even though she remained active throughout her pregnancy (she's a legend at Journey 333 for being on the pullup bar 7+ months pregnant . . . yeah!), pregnancy still changed her. Some ways more dramatic than others.

How do you come to terms with that?

Yes, you have a baby. You have a child and a relationship with that child that could be unlike anything you've ever experienced in your life. It can be the BEST!

But what about you, just you? What about the person that looks back at you in the mirror? What do you do about her and her new weight gain, her stretch marks, her new shape, her new pains, her worries and doubts?

You love her more.

You love her, yourself, now, at the beginning of this new stage of life.

And you love yourself enough to change what needs to change.

It won't be easy 'cause nothing worthwhile ever is.

But here's the good news, even if your body changes you're still divine. You are still beautiful. You are still worthy. You are still allowed to look at yourself and appreciate the good work you've done even though there is work still ahead of you. The good news is that yes, pregnancy changes you, LIFE changes you, but you can grow with it. That growth, it will make you more than you were. And, my word, isn't that magnificent?

"I can’t thank you enough, Melinda. Your work and the way you positioned me in my photos just shows me how stunning I am."- Linsey.

Enjoy this sweet little clip of Lindsey and Scarlette at their photoshoot. May it make your day as bright as it makes mine.

Love, Melinda

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