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Lindsey and Scarlette

Few words evoke the same emotion as 'mother'.

When I think of what that means I usually find myself speechless.

Because how do you talk about someone who gives everything?

How do you talk about someone who never stops loving and giving and hoping and praying and learning?

Can you really think of a way to describe women who, with a smile on their face and courage as their backbone, step up to the hardest task life has to offer?


Before Lindsey and Scarlette came to be photographed by me I was able to watch them on a few occasions. Lindsey is one of my trainers after all.

I noticed how Scarlette always seeks her out in a room. She looks for her mother and then wants to be near her. Maybe Scarlette knows and feels the safest place to be is near the woman who was willing to sacrifice everything for a person she didn't even know yet.

And then Lindsey, the mother of this incredibly beautiful little girl, when she looks at Scarlette . . . there is another instance where I lack words to describe something so profound.

It's special.

It speaks without talking.

The look of a mother to their child has the ability to comfort and strengthen. But it's even more than that when Lindsey looks at Scarlette. It's a look you don't get anywhere else.

It's the look only a mother can give to her child.

It was a joy to photograph you and Scarlette, Lindsey! How remarkable a woman you are to be so open and real. Thank you for your example, always.

Love, Melinda

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