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Little Dreamers

In February I entered a huge photography competition, The Portrait Masters. This round I decided I was going to push myself in the aria of creative portraiture. I wanted to do something that stretched my imagination, the pushed my skills in photoshop. But more than that I wanted to make something magical for my children who are individually and collectively the source of my greatest joy in this life. I wanted to create a story for them. **What you're going to see here is a collection of Raw images. They have not been edited or retouched. In truth, they were throw together between mealtimes, nap times, and the navigation of excited children. **

My little adventurer. She has yet to realize that she is a large part of the greatest adventure of my life.

My daughter is a dreamer. She loved the sky and clouds and outer-space. She has beautiful thoughts of dreamy, magical things.

She is brave in unexpected ways . . . ways that reassure me that she is going to be a force in this world. And she is scared by things that surprise me.

Ahh, my son, wondering what's for dinner.

My sweet boys are kind yet mischievous.

This sweet one is just happy to be allowed in the studio.

My oldest son (by 6 minutes) is cautious of new things while his brother is content so long as medical persons are not around.

So, knowing my children, knowing who they are and how I see them, I set about to create something magical for them, something as fantastical as they are to me. So many pictures went into this.

A lot of shots taken, a lot of cutting, pasting, searching, coloring, and creating. A few ideas didn't make the cut.

This took many hours . . . over 48 total. Many redos. A bit of frustration. But in the end the the picture came together and a story got told.

I love this picture. I would have loved it without an award. But the award is a nice bit of icing on the cake.

Love, Melinda

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