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Photographing a dancer is something I have dreamed of doing for years. The skill and dedication of a dancer leaves me in awe. The sacrifice and almost crazy levels of determination draw me in. I would think of all the things I could create for them, all the movement, and drama we could create with light and shadow and fabric. Then I got introduced to Madelyn (trained by PHD Studios) and her wonderful mother Theresa and a photoshoot date was set.

Kate working her expert skills on the already beautiful Madelyn.

Madelyn is a skilled dancer and she dances in every genre. Madelyn, at first is soft spoken and calm. But as her photoshoot went on and I would approach her with ideas, even crazy ones, she would eagerly nod her head yes and we would get to breaking down my vision. You need to know, I asked some crazy stuff from Madelyn but not once did she doubt her ability to at the very least try. And more often then not, she moved in such a way that it exceeded my expectations.

A beautiful before and a beautiful after.

Madelyn jumped and bent and twirled, stood on the tips of her toes and brought life and energy to every movement. Even Theresa had a hand in creating some of the magic. More than a few times Theresa is just out of frame throwing and waving fabric like a seasoned pro.

Theresa just out of frame throwing fabric like its she's done it her whole life.

Photographing Madelyn was a dream come true. She has reaffirmed in my belief that it is something magical. It creates a story without words or sound. Perhaps that is why I love dancers so much. They tell stories, just like me.

So much grace . . .

Madelyn, you are pure gold. You exude grace and talent and determination. You brought to life what some people can only dream of doing . . . and now they will see your portraits and their dreams will be all the more real and magical. Thank you, Madelyn and Theresa, for trusting me to create a legacy worthy of honoring.

And so much ferocity and confidence.

Special thanks to Kate Blackwell from Vitality for exceptional hair and makeup styling!

P.S- I must mention, that these portraits for Madelyn happened at such a unique time of change in her life as she has decided to pursue multiple sports and academic excellence. While Madelyn is not currently dancing this year, she will always have these beautiful portraits as a reminder of talent and skill she developed thanks to PHD Studios in Sayre PA. Love, Melinda

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