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Marinna is one of my friends who lets my try out my new ideas or fantastical projects. Anytime I have something I want to try, an odd story I want to tell, Marinna is there with a smile on her face and total willingness and trust.

This back drop gives me Dolce and Gabbana vibes.

One of the best complements I ever got was when I was talking to Marinna after we had looked through her pictures and she said, "I have never felt more confidant being in front of your camera. I didn't feel like I had to suck in my stomach or worry about anything looking weird."

Here's the things, Marinna is beautiful. She is physically beautiful, yes, but I truly believe that the goodness in people creates ever more beauty and Marinna's got that in spades. She's beautiful in her soul. Yet, she still worries about how she looks. She still worries about her body not looking its best. She, beautiful as she is, still worries.

I have met very few women who don't have these same concerns. And they are valid. If you've been following me for any length of time you know that my goal is to show you how beautiful you are. My goal is to prove to you that you are valuable and you are worthy. There is no size, age, or color that you could be that would not make you beautiful and full of divine worth.

I've had so many wonderful conversations with Marinna. She's so aware of the difficulties of others because she herself has undergone trauma and abuse and heartbreak. We all want friends like Marinna. Friends who see us, not just our sad story. But, friends who see the strength and the power that we have. We want friends who see that despite our scars and bumps and bruises that we are beautiful. We're beautiful because we show up when it's difficult. We're beautiful because we look for the positive when the negative is easier to see. . . . we should be surrounded by friends and people who really see us . . .

and if they do, all they'll see is beauty.

You're beautiful, Marinna. Thank you for always letting me photograph you. Love, Melinda

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