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Men In Portraits

I love photographing women. I know and understand the difficulties that go along with being a woman. The post baby body is real. The pressure of wanting to look good for your husband or boyfriend is real. And the comparison of oneself to another women is painfully real. I get all of that and more. Those are just a few reasons why I champion women to get in front of the camera. No more hiding, no more saying you're not {insert personal descriptor} enough, and no more putting it off another year. I tell women they are worthy now because I am constantly telling myself that I too am worthy right now.

As I photograph women I have started to get an increase in the number of men who want to be photographed. It has been eye opening talking to men about how they want to exist in pictures. They tell me (in roundabout ways) what their worries or insecurities are. They talk about how they want to be seen and who they want to be seen for.

While mothers want more pictures with their children, so do fathers. Women like showing off their body transformations, so do men. Glamorous women want to have some time in the spotlight, so do dapper gents.

Men want to be seen and praised and appreciated. And guys, you deserve to be. Come show off and dress up or dress down. Take a seat and laugh or be serious and tell me stories of your life.

You are allowed to be photographed. You too are valuable and worthy and enough. There is room for you here. There is space for you to exist in pictures.

Gentlemen, with me, in my studio, in front of my camera, you are always welcome.

Love, Melinda

Photography Studio in Athens PA.

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