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My First Calling- Mother

Updated: Feb 20, 2019

I have three kids all under the age of 5. My two youngest boys are twins born about 6 min. apart. My house is filled with blocks, stuffies, books, and an impressive number of socks without a matching partner. I run this business in the small moments between being a mother and with the help of an incredible husband, wonderful babysitters, and sanity-saving family. We all know how hard parenting is. Or you've at least read about it. (If your a mom and your having a hard day, go read this. Its joyful and a good reminder that what we do is worth it- "Parenthood is the single most important role any human will ever play in the life of another.") We all know how hard being a small business owner is. Or you've at least read about it. (If your thinking about starting a small business, read this. Its hopeful and encouraging- "Enjoy the process!") But I want to tell you that its not all drudgery. Its not all stress and running around trying to find one more sippycup while I edit pictures and pay bills. This adventure of running a portrait business and being a mother at the same time has some pretty amazing perks. And there are some pretty funny moments as well. Like this . . .

mother and daughter, Portrait Photographer, Athens Pennsylvania
See my daughter there and her little pink stuffy? That little miss pink bear was actually mine when I was a little girl.

My sister was taking updated pictures for me, like she does every time she visits from Texas and my daughter Amy, who was supposed to be napping, snugged right in and posed her little bear next to me. Totally unplanned. Totally not staged. This is just life. I won't lie, I actually love this picture. And it has nothing to do with me. Or we have moments like these . . .

Family, Love, photographer in Athens Pennsylvania
See my daughter? See those tears? She wears her emotions on her sleeve just like I do.

My daughter came down from her nap, saw that my husband and I were being photographed together and got so emotional she started crying.

Family, portrait, photographer in Athens Pennsylvania

Of course snuggles with us made everything better. The incredible thing about photography is this whole experience lasted less than a minute. But now I have these sweet, very real, candid pictures of what my life is like balancing being a photographer while having a family. One other cool thing- as my skills grow in portraiture, my ability to take beautiful pictures of my kids also improves.

Daughter, toddler, birthday, photographer in Athens Pennsylvania
My oldest, soon to be 5.

Son, Family, photographer in Athens Pennsylvania
My second oldest. No, he's not upset, just super surprised to be in the studio.

Laughter, family, joy, love, photographer in Athens Pennsylvania
And my youngest. He was the opposite to his brother- he laughed the whole time.

What does all this mean for you? Well, if I can get good photographs of my kids, it means I can get beautiful pictures of yours. But more importantly, this proves that I love what I do as a photographer. If I'm willing to sacrifice time with these sweet faces so I can go and create beautiful portraits then that means I'm in this. I'm committed to making something beautiful for you because I won't waste my time. And I sure won't waste yours. My first calling in this life is Mother. It has taught me service and sacrifice and love. Its taught me that few things can't be mended with a listening ear and soft hugs and cookies. My second calling is Photographer. It has taught me service and sacrifice and love. Its taught me that few things can't be mended with a listening ear and soft hugs and cookies . . . or donuts. . . . see what I did there? For me, these two jobs are connected in a way that I can't really describe. But they come together beautifully. Being a mother helps me give better service to you, it helps me see you, value you, understand, listen, cherish, celebrate, and create . . . all for you. Contact me and see. Love, Melinda

Studio in Athens PA.

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