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Not for me, but for YOU

This whole being photographed thing, it's not about me.

It's about you.

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This blissful experience is the standard of an exclusive portrait photoshoot.

Here, you get it all because it's all for you.

Before I photograph you we chat for about an hour. You tell me what you want to see and what you want to have created. You ask me all the questions and express all your ideas and dreams.

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You tell me about your life. Are you happy? Are you searching?

What goals have you excited?

Why do you want to be photographed?

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At your Fitting Session before your photoshoot, it's all about what you want to wear. Do you want dresses and gowns or your favorite jeans and sweater? Or maybe no clothes at all.

You make the choice. You get the final say and I support and encourage you all along the way.

During your photoshoot you get hair and makeup professionally done to your specifications because you feeling celebrated, relaxed, and beautiful is my top priority.

You matter to me. You're important to me.

We're going to create portraits of and for you that you will look at 15, 20, 50 years from now. You'll look at them with love and joy and remember that beautiful woman you are. You'll remember who you were becoming and you'll thank that younger you in those pictures because she got you to where you are now. You'll see those portraits of you and you'll love yourself for showing up and being seen.

No, this process is not about me because I'm not in the pictures. I'm the photographer admiring you for showing up, for choosing to be who you are, and for choosing an experience that is ultimately all about choosing yourself.

Here's some of the magic!

Love, Melinda

Private Photography Studio in Athens PA.

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